Beyond Beyond

by Lightning Hunter

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In a microcosmic flash, we are born. Before the light falls, we return to the eternal nebulous mist from which we formed. In that infinitesimal span, we create a record through memories, images, and sound, of the life we live. Here is evidence of that experience formed in the ephemeral embers of time-pressed against the folds of the written word, bending light and digital charge. Ineffable tales of dreams we all once shared filtered through the heart and lungs of a soul-inspired to share and unite through these vibrations chronicled. 


released September 3, 2019


all rights reserved



Lightning Hunter Monroe, New York

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Track Name: The Role of the Observer
We gather at the gates to hear your song
Earths covered in frost another worlds gone
Dimensions time and space they only believe
What they perceive
When your not awake
you can find me in a dream again
so we can sort this all out
what difference does it make
I can only ever be the wrong
I can never write the perfect song
what else is at stake
if we are driven by our base desire
how long before we set this fire
When were not awake
We can hover under this dying sun
through this yawning horizon
First we are a ghost and then a cell replicating into these shells
Behind the veil unfolds where visions flow
Unconsciousness told beyond the known
The order entropy spins our fate
whatever we see
Is what we make
Track Name: Giving All Things Credence
Giving All Things Credence

Implications beyond scope
Radio watchtowers bend hope
Dreams can not forgive belief
In the enemy

I am with you, Timeless-Abandon

Dreams crest into sheets of light
Nirvana and the path of right
Every possibility

I am with you, Timeless-Abandon
Track Name: Akashic Echoes
Echo’s of the Hour

Before this pleasant moment fades
As spinning hearts freeze
In the bind of one another’s density
We must hold fast

A toil of fire pinned granite
The white shades and slips this unending love
Hidden key of hearts and light
Let this between us forget
And this moment be

Touching gently Eyes and hearts forget
What was fought upon those bending fields
In night’s of black unending
With this moments heart desire

That ocean between the veins
For weeping without eyes
This salty ocean blood
That floods between the souls collide
As one we where bound ,from the dawns of life
Upon this earths still hand

Let us steady for the echo’s of the hour
Whisper for now
As we blossom in the gossamer mist
Of the morning ocean moon
Track Name: Pale Monolith
Pale Monolith

Your Silver Eye caught the sun
While I was lost you where one
Where memories set their grasp upon this living night
I drift into the plains unknown the future and the light
Should I seek the seeker in futures living past?
or should I fold these present words in tombs of eternal cast
this mind is like a tunnel where dreams have come to die
where shadows dance against the walls distractions from the sky
ephemeral arches bridge the days between the cracks of time
a place we will all come to know naked and sublime

Yesterday my mind was a prison
Today my mind is free
tonight we shall be as one
as the river flows
between the ocean and the sea
Track Name: Aeolean Prism
Aeolean Prism

recall recall web of eyes
the future sends back though time
siren warnings call
Call your tribe
Awake unite its time
Its time to fight
Call your tribe

We can come together in our dreams
We shine this light when we are free
We can spark this fire for all to see
Patience takes strength and we've waited far too long

As a river might flow in reverse
Awaken gland break this curse
Prepare before we immerse

Beyond the fold space and time
Awaken gland center mind
Evolve or get left behind
Patience takes strength
The time is near this is the dawn
Track Name: In Athiest Fashion
So much has past that on this day words will bend
And now at last it slips away in the end
How can we hope if there is no god to pretend
The seasons change athiest fashon the new trend
The spirit is sick batterd by disparate waves as hypnotic radiation dries our blood
We cannot hear the song of the cells anymore
The universe is growing colder with entropy

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